Kitten wants her bottle ASAP! :) OM NOM NOM

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My kitty cat, Kiki, shortly after bringing her home in Oct 2011. She was separated from her mother and left with her siblings, in a box, behind a business. Luckily, we were able to bring her home before she was taken to the local animal shelter. She may not have survived, because she was ill with Mange and fleas. We took her straight to the veterinarian and had her treated, bathed, and was able to nurse her back to health with the proper care. She's now 9-months, strong, fast, and healthy. This video was taken on the day we brought her home; she's about 4 weeks old, here. It was her first video and first time feeding from a bottle (and our first time feeding a kitten by bottle). The bottle clogged up and she started to freak out a little. lol