Varroa Biter

Purdue Ankle Biter Worker Bee Attacking a Varroa Mite

Quick video of a Purdue Ankle Biter Worker Bee attacking a Varroa Mite.

Drone Frame full of Varroa mites

Looking through cells for varroa, before putting the drone frame into the freezer at -18C for 3 days to kill off mits.

Greg Hunt of Purdue U. talks pesticides and mite-biting honeybees. See varroa under microscope

Dr. Greg Hunt of Purdue University, Dept. of Entomology visits Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association to lead a discussion on the affects of pesticides on ...

Grooming and Biting

This film shows some of the grooming and mite biting behavior encouraged by putting a Bee Gym in a hive.

Bees remove varroa mites themself from infested brood

Bees remove varroa mites themself from infested brood. Some bees have the natural ability to detect Varroa in a cell, they uncap it, remove the pupae (which will ...

Honey Bee Hive Cleaning Survivor Bees Hygienic Varroa Disease Resistant

This is the first day we have had when the weather was warm enough for the bees to come out and begin cleaning hive debris. These are survivor honey bees ...

Honey Bee Allogrooming and Varroa Mites

As a beekeeper, I am not alone in hating Varroa mites. I have lost far too many hives to this pest over the years. Their name says it all “Varroa destructor.” There ...

Leg-biting guard bee

This guard bee seems a little over zealous and keen to bite her sister's legs.

Making A Plan for the Varroa Mite

There are a lot of options for varroa treatments. How do we know what ones are best?

Varroa Sensitive Hygiene Behavior in Honey Bees

In this video you can see honey bees that are removing larva that are infested with varroa mites (and other problems).

Purdue "Ankle Biter" Queen

One of Eversweet's Purdue queens from New Wind Rising Farm! She's beautiful!!!

Varroa Mite Count

Performing a monthly mite count lets you be aware of a Varroa mite infestation as soon as it occurs rather than after your bees start dying due to the diseases the ...

Jeff Cripe's 2018 ii'd New River Diversified Breeder Queen (18.Y19.CS)

Her mother is an artificial / instrumental inseminated breeder queen from a VSH x Purdue Ankle-Biter cross and THIS queen is artificial / instrumental ...

Disease on honey bees | European foulbrood disease - EFB | Chalkbrood disease - Ascosphaerosis

Here is disease on honey bees! I don't know exactly about which of this disease! so please let's me know if you know which of this disease and how to treat it! by ...

Varroa Resistant Bees

A good video snippet with regards to the explanation of Varroa Resistance now being found in some British Honey Bees. An experimental project that I also ...

The Nordic Bee vs. the Varroa Destructor

In Sweden, as in many other countries around the world, bees are struggling to repel attacks from the Varroa Destructor. This Nordic Bee (Apis Mellifera ...

Introducing a Honey Bee Queen - Mite Biter Purdue Universiity

Introducing a Purdue University Mite Biter queen to a two frame micro nucleus using a JZBZ queeen cage. I take the time to mark her in a "one handed queen ...

Treating Varroa Mite with Bayvarol

A short clip to show you a little about the Varroa Mite and this seasons autumn treatment with Bayvarol.

Selecting And Propagating Varroa Resistant Honey Bees HD

Thanks to Stan Gore, Honking Goose Media.

Treatment Free Varroa Control Adrian Quiney Marathon County Beekeeper's Association Conference 2

In this video from the Marathon County Beekeepers Association Conference of 2017, Adrian Quiney talks about some methods for treatment-free varroa control.

Queen Rearing (VSH/Mite Biter) Mating Nuc Queen Mandibular Pheromone

Nicot Queen Rearing (VSH/Mite Biter) Mating Nuc Queen Mandibular Pheromone.

Purdue "Ankle Biter" Queens

You all have heard about them! Now it's time to get these excellent queens in your apiaries! Purdue University Bee Lab has been breeding queens from colonies ...