Written and performed by Roshorn'Young Tal'Duncan' Produced by HuntaFlow Productions and Starz Studio on the Simple Jab Riddim for vincy mas 2018.

Die Nutsman On IsoBoard

Die Nutsman explains how to install IsoBoard.

The Nutsman

The Nutsman shows just how easy it is to install IsoBoard.

Roof Buddy on Die Nutsman SABC

This is an episode of "Die Nutsman" featuring Roof Buddy which was aired on SABC 2.

エンヤサン 『頬つねったら』 (Official Music Video)

エンヤサン『頬つねったら / もっかいHOO'15 feat.BIKKE(やけのはらREMIX)』(7インチ) dir. Y-クルーズ・エンヤ 撮影・編集 鷹の目 特別出演 nutsman ...

Riaan "die Nutsman" shows how to install ViewProtect transparent security bars

The South Africa "Nutsman"/ DIY man Riaan demonstrated how to install ViewProtect transparent security bars.

Nutsman Brakkeduine Dec14

Net lekker gespeel - Langbult.

Nutsman (Android gameplay)

Whoa this game is made by Trinidad & Tobago. Check it out on the link description. THIS IS EPIC!!! Notice: This video has uploaded by Android Phone. Google ...

A Trini Nutsman

This nutsman is a fixture to any who drive through the Morvant junction. Nutsmen can be found throughout Trinidad :)

Eurolux - DIY met Riaan: Die Nutsman, Season 3 - Episode 18

Episode features: A discussion with Eben Kruger, Eurolux's Marketing Manager, about energy efficient lights and lighting living areas, specifically the lounge, ...

Eurolux - DIY met Riaan: Die Nutsman, Season 3 - Episode 24

Episode features: Installation of LED strip lights with Eben Kruger, the Marketing Manager of Eurolux, as well as a discussion of the LED motion detector ceiling ...


These squirrels sure are nuts! Copyright of the material used in this video belong to Capcom and Sony. They dun't belong to me! Don't cane me for it!

Eurolux - DIY met Riaan: Die Nutsman, Season 3 - Episode 19

Episode features: Revision of a DIY home makeover.

Prof. Nuts - Man Biggest Problem (Showdown 1990)

Nutsman How to Make Your Own Worm Bin In Riaan's TV series 'DIY Met Riaan', his handy hints and tips can help you renovate your home from the inside out with wonderful ideas ...

Riaan die Nutsman Featuring Redruth Thatching (Expert Advise)

Redruth Thatching explaining the underlying problems of an old lapa - featured on DIY with Riaan on SABC 2:

Riaan "Die Nutsman" (with English subtitles) installation demonstration with ViewProtect

DIY enthusiast Riaan "Die Nutsman" demonstrates who to install ViewProtect's Transparent Security Bars. Broadcast on SABC 2 on 2 July 2011. This video ...

Brakkeduine - Nutsman Jeep Rollercoaster

1st time offroading with the Jeep.

Eurolux - DIY met Riaan: Die Nutsman, Season 5 - Episode 3

Episode Features: A Do-It-Yourself demonstration of building a car bed for a child's bedroom, including fitting a radio and lights.