Beautiful Rainbow Lorakeets feeding in our backyard.

They come in and chatter while feasting.


Lorakeets at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.


These are the most colorful of birds and the loudest! Great entertainment at Butterfly World.


Jacob and I at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Birds Lorakeets

Birds again! having lunch on my balcony... They are called Lorakeets, very colourful and VERY LOUD birds. Read their story on a new site, to be launched soon.

Lorakeets have fun

Rainbow Lorakeets enjoying an early morning swim.

Cathlynn with the lorakeets

Cathlynn with the lorakeets.

Feeding the Lorakeets (3 years)

at the Long Beach Aquarium - so cool! Not sure what these birds have to do with aquatic life, but we dug them anyway ...

Hungry Lorakeets

These lorakeets were filmed in February 2011 after a cyclone (cyclone Yasi) crossed the coast and destroyed most of their food. We fed them on bread as we ...

Lorakeets on Sea-Eagle Nest.wmv

White-bellied Sea Eagles Australia Birds Australia Discovery Centre.

Lorakeets and kids in FL Aug 3, 2009

A reluctant youngster gets familiar with these harmless howlers.

Rainbow Lorakeets

Flirting with each other in front of their reflection in the window.

Licking lorakeets

Bob becomes a sweaty snack for a couple of lorakeets at the Louisville Zoo.

Lorakeets roosting at night

This is where the lorakeets sleep at night in downtown Townsville.

The Mikes Show. Coral World Lorakeets

These birds were so annoying.