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Ellen's Producer Claudia Only Has Eyes for Pauly D

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D was a guest DJ, and there's one person whose mood was definitely boosted... Ellen's producer Claudia.

Ellen Celebrates Executive Producer Kevin's 40th Birthday

Head Writer Kevin started on the show as a Production Assistant and now he's a Co-Executive Producer. Ellen celebrated the milestone by looking back at his ...

'Average Andy' with the Cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy learned aerial work, and made his debut as a cactus when he joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA.

Ellen Reveals Unseen Photos of a Few of Her Executive Producers

Since it's Throwback Thursday, Ellen used the new Google Home Hub to show vintage photos of a few of her executive producers... and they had no idea Ellen ...

Chrissy Teigen & Average Andy Go Through a Haunted House

It's Halloween season, which means it's time for Ellen to send her Executive Producer Andy through a haunted house, and this time around, she sent her friend ...

Ellen's Writers in Las Vegas!

They went to get her a birthday gift. Things didn't go according to plan. Enter to win all of Ellen's Birthday Show giveaways here!

Ellen Awards Employee of the Month to Her Producer

Ever wonder who's responsible for scaring celebrity guests? Ellen honored the man in the box with a very special Employee of the Month accolade.

Kid Yodeler Mason Ramsey Performs

Ellen welcomed 11-year-old Mason Ramsey, whose video went viral after performing an amazing cover of Hank Williams Sr.'s "Lovesick Blues" at a Walmart.

Ellen's Executive Producer Ed Glavin Ran the Marathon!

Ellen's executive producer returned from a triumphant weekend competing in the New York City Marathon!

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at Ellen's Hilarious Rehearsal

Check out this digital exclusive of Ellen consulting with herself during rehearsal. Plus, her producers Andy Zenor and Andy Lassner having a little rambunctious ...

Ellen Takes Andy's Phone Away

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy is constantly on his phone so Ellen decided to put his phone in a cell cell.

Andy and Amy's Haunted House

Ellen's writer Amy scares pretty easily, but she's nothing compared to Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy. That's why he was the perfect person to join Amy in this ...

Ellen & Andy Visit the 'IT' Haunted House

Ellen usually sends Andy to a haunted house, but this time around, she joined in the fun for a tour of the "IT" haunted house on the Warner Bros. lot.

Meet Ellen's PAs!

Robbie got some fan attention after hanging out with Noah Ritter in Hawaii. Ellen decided it was high time you met the rest of the gang.

Ellen in Adam's Ear: Holiday Gift Wrapping Edition

To get in the holiday spirit, Ellen sent her writer Adam to a local mall to help wrap presents for an unsuspecting shopper. If you think you're a better wrapper than ...

Ellen's Writers Talk to Walmart Shoppers Using Only Song Lyrics

Ellen sent her writers Lauren and Bente to Walmart, and had them talk to shoppers using only song lyrics from hits like "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande and ...

Ellen & Channing Tatum Get Rowdy at ‘Magic Mike Live’

Ellen visited Channing Tatum and the cast of “Magic Mike Live” in Las Vegas, and you're just gonna need to see what went down in order to believe it! Also ...

Ellen Plays Around with Her Producer, Andy

Andy's always trying to get a rise out of Ellen, but the tables were turned when he brought out the gift cards after a game.

Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise

It's been 10 years since Ellen gave Jeannie her first-ever job, and to celebrate the milestone, Ellen shocked Jeannie with an unforgettable surprise.

Andy and Jacqueline Brave the Haunted House

"Brave" may be the wrong word, but Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, and his assistant, Jacqueline, made their way through a haunted house.

The Ellen Staff’s 'Bachelor' Recap: Colton’s First Dates

It's week two of “The Bachelor,” and Ellen's producers break down all that's happened – from more unsurprising mentions of Colton's virginity to celebrity cameos ...

Andy and Ariana Grande's Haunted House Adventure

Andy and the music star had a spooktacular time during their visit to a creepy haunted house for Halloween!

Ellen's Executive Producer Gets Caught!

While taping the show, Ellen's executive producer was up to no good! Watch what happened!

Andy Goes to a Haunted House with Eric Stonestreet

Ellen loves scaring her executive producer, Andy Lassner, and "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet. So, of course she couldn't wait to send them both through ...

Andy Lassner getting Scared Compilation (The Ellen Show)

A funny compilation of Andy getting scared by Ellen or trying to scare her. I don't own anything. Just put the videos together.

Ellen Gets Into Her Staff's Facebook!

She's done it to her audience, but this time Ellen showed her staff's embarrassing Facebook photos on national television. Enjoy!

Ellen Shocks Andy to the Core with a Surprise Cryotherapy Session

Mark Wahlberg recently told Ellen that he undergoes cryotherapy to stay healthy and fit. Naturally, she wanted to know what it was like, so she surprised her ...