Chironico Classics - From 6A to 8A

All Classics boulders from Chironico, from 6A to 8A. Climbers: Block013 crew Robin Donders & Kelly Sierra Boulders: - Doctor Med Dent 7B+ @00:10 - Eyorijoi ...

Perfect days bouldering in Chironico - Vantrip VI

One of the best Trips so far !!! Awesome time bouldering in chironico, ticino for almost 2 weeks ! The bois Samy, Basti and Tobi made it such a good time and I ...

Chironico Bouldering - Summer 2016

This summer we visited the famous bouldering area Chironico located in Switzerland. Within one week we were able to climb some amazing boulder problems.

Chironico Bouldering

One week bouldering in the southern sun! Thanks for watching, enjoy! Boulders in order of appearance: - Sollbruchstelle - Made in Norway - Le Pilier ...

Chironico Cresciano TRIP 2013

Yuri Gagarin 7B+ Los Cursos 7A Vitruvian Man 7C (without chip) „chip" Komilator 7C(/C+?) Border Line 7A Hopper 6C+/7A Fengshui Master 7A Casual Boulder ...

projecting "Souvenir 8A/+", Chironico

working on "Souvenir 8A/+", Chironico.

Chironico 2016

List of problems: The secret passage 8A Second life 8A+ Alphane moon 8A Terzo cane 8A.

Chironico : Los Cursos 7a

Switzerland (TI) Paese, Boulder #13 [0:48]

Bouldering a Chironico

Qualche esempio di blocchi a Chironico (ticino, CH) Grazie ai Frozen Fingers per la musica(CD Cold fusion)

Brechstange 7C, Chironico

Alise Zvigule in Brechstange 7C in Chironico Switzerland. Music: Lobo Loco, Sunny Day Walk.

Chironico : La Pioda 7a

Switzertland (TI) Nivo Bassa. Boulder #9.

Chironico : El Talisman 6b

Nivo Alta Blocco 15b. Ticino (Switzerland) October 2013.

FrictionLabs Athlete Luis Gerhardt swoops up Boogalaga 8B/V13 in Chironico, CH.

More weekly mo? You got it! FrictionLabs Athlete Luis Gerhardt heads to Chironico, Switzerland and swoops up Bernd Zangerl's Boogalaga 8B/V13. Siiiiick Luis!

Chironico Dr Med Dent 7B+

Mid December in Chironico, good conditions for a 2nd go this time.

Chironico - Teamwork flash

After one week of bouldering in Chironico it took all I got left to complete my first ever flash of the 8th Font grade!

One Week Bouldering Chironico Ticino

Im November 2013 zog mich das Tessiner top Bouldergebiet für eine Woche in den Bann. Und ich konnte einige sehr schöne Boulderprobleme lösen.

Chironico Weekend: Shadowfax, 8b, FAs and more!

It's been a while and I almost forgot how great Chironico is. But what surprised me even more is that you can still find great unclimbed lines in this boulder ...

Cresciano and Chironico - Bouldering in Ticino

Ticino is one of the regions with the highest concentration of amazing bouldering spots. It was the first time we visited the area and we were amazed by the ...

Conquistador Direkt, 8b - FIRST ASCENT, Chironico, Switzerland

After having done the regular version of the Graham-classic Conquistador, 8a+ I looked at it once more and thought that this great overhangig face deserves a ...

Schule des Lebens, 8b, Chironico

One of the super cool lines in Chironico!

a great day in chironico

bouldering in chironico: serre moi fort! 8a la soucoupe 8a+ willenberg dach 8a.

BIG KAT, 8B+ - Chironico - (just-)"THE SEND"

raw and uncut footage of the send only of BIG KAT, 8B+ in chironico switzerland. the end of a two year long journey. for the full story visit my blog.