Chironico Classics - From 6A to 8A

All Classics boulders from Chironico, from 6A to 8A. Climbers: Block013 crew Robin Donders & Kelly Sierra Boulders: - Doctor Med Dent 7B+ @00:10 - Eyorijoi ...

Perfect days bouldering in Chironico - Vantrip VI

One of the best Trips so far !!! Awesome time bouldering in chironico, ticino for almost 2 weeks ! The bois Samy, Basti and Tobi made it such a good time and I ...

Chironico Bouldering - Summer 2016

This summer we visited the famous bouldering area Chironico located in Switzerland. Within one week we were able to climb some amazing boulder problems.

6c to 7c Boulder - Chironico - Tessin - Switzerland

Vitruvian Men - The Shild - Dr med Dent - Globetrotter - Dr. Crimp - Possing - Komilator - The real Shild - Serre Moi Fort (standing) - Matusalem.

Chironico Cresciano TRIP 2013

Yuri Gagarin 7B+ Los Cursos 7A Vitruvian Man 7C (without chip) „chip" Komilator 7C(/C+?) Border Line 7A Hopper 6C+/7A Fengshui Master 7A Casual Boulder ...

One day in Chironico (Le Pilier, Serre moi fort) - Bouldering Classics in Ticino | 2019

After a epic 10 day trip to Brione we decided to make a two day stop in Chironico... Samuel Faulstich aka Samy continued to just flow up hard blocs and sent 2 ...

Bouldering in Ticino (Chironico & Brione) 7A - 7C

This years New Years Eve we spent a couple of days bouldering in the sunny Ticino where we climbed some awesome granite boulders. Here are some we ...

Arabald 7B, Chironico

Bouldering crag: Chironico, Ticino, Switzerland Climber: Vicky Ugarenko.

Chironico - The Real Shield 7c

Giuliano Cameroni sends The Real Shield (7c) and the high start of Confession of a Crap Artist (7b+/7c)

Chironico Bouldern August 2018

Wochenende Bouldern im Tessin :)

Ticino Bouldering ( Brione & Chironico )

Trinity team in Ticino Problems: There is no spoon 7b Selection door 7a Sloper attack 7a+.

2018 Europe Bouldering Tour: Chironico and Cresciano

I quit my job in March 2018 and had a few climbing areas on my climbing bucket list. Ticino was a natural extension when climbing at Magic Wood and I'm glad I ...

The Pocket problem 7C, Chironico

Krásna línia v švajčiarskom Chironicu. Chironico, december 2018.

Globetrotter - Vicky in Chironico

Classic line in Chironico , sector Deliverance.

Il paziente 7c, Chironico

Bouldering crag: Chironico, Ticino, Switzerland Climber: Luca Mabilia.

Arabald, 7b (flash) , Chironico, Switzerland

Awesome rainproof bouldering in Chironico! Too bad there isn't more of that kind.

Cresciano and Chironico 2015

Photos: Slopy Traverse 7B Kirk Windstein 8A+ Schwarzes Loch 7A Casey Jones 7C Doctor Med Dent 7B+ La Pioche 7B+ That ...

Chironico 2012

Big Swing 7a+ Hopper 7a flash La Pioda 7a Lascia che sia 7a Schwarzes Loch 7a Fengshui masters 7a flash Euro Millions 7a+ Made in Norway 7b Dr. med ...

Schnittstelle 7c/c+ chironico

2012.4.8 大場美和、小山田大さんとのスイスツアー2回目。

Le vent nous portera 8a in Chironico ,Swiss

Le vent nous portera 8a in Chironico ,Swiss.

Conquistador Direct 8b Chironico Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod making a quick repeat of Conquistador Direct in Chironico. The problem was first climbed in 2010 and given 8B/8B+.

Teamwork, 8A, Chironico, Suisse

Teamwork by

Chironico Bouldering 2015

all the best boulders I did during this year.