Chironico Classics - From 6A to 8A

All Classics boulders from Chironico, from 6A to 8A. Climbers: Block013 crew Robin Donders & Kelly Sierra Boulders: - Doctor Med Dent 7B+ @00:10 - Eyorijoi ...

Chironico Bouldering - Summer 2016

This summer we visited the famous bouldering area Chironico located in Switzerland. Within one week we were able to climb some amazing boulder problems.

Perfect days bouldering in Chironico - Vantrip VI

One of the best Trips so far !!! Awesome time bouldering in chironico, ticino for almost 2 weeks ! The bois Samy, Basti and Tobi made it such a good time and I ...

Chironico Cresciano TRIP 2013

Yuri Gagarin 7B+ Los Cursos 7A Vitruvian Man 7C (without chip) „chip" Komilator 7C(/C+?) Border Line 7A Hopper 6C+/7A Fengshui Master 7A Casual Boulder ...

Chironico - Confession of a Crap Artist 8a

The low start of Confession of a Crap Artist, Chironico.

Chironico Alphane Moon 8a Simone Tentori


Chironico - Miss Schweiz 8a

Miss Schweiz, Chironico, Ticino.

Auto pilot 7a+/7b in Chironico ,Swiss

Auto pilot 7a+/7b in Chironico ,Swiss.

Bouldern in Chironico mit Monika Retschy

Long time no see! Hope you enjoy this short clip about our vacation in Ticino, bouldering two nice lines: - Vitruvian Man (without the chipped pocket) - Le Pilier ...

Chironico Bouldering

One week bouldering in the southern sun! Thanks for watching, enjoy! Boulders in order of appearance: - Sollbruchstelle - Made in Norway - Le Pilier ...

Three 7A boulders from Chironico, Ticino

Smemory 7a (Sector Paese, video is cut because i didn't get the full footage of the send :P) - Seppi's boulder 7a, soft (Sector Deliverance) - Globetrotter 7a ...

Chapter 9 - Chironico

A summary of our time bouldering in Chironico.

Chironico Février 2013

Quelques essais dans des classiques de Chironico : Le vent nous portera, 8A, Freak Brother 8A et Delusion of Grandeur 8B.

Chironico Bouldering 2015

all the best boulders I did during this year.

Chironico Dr Med Dent 7B+

Mid December in Chironico, good conditions for a 2nd go this time.

Chironico : Los Cursos 7a

Switzerland (TI) Paese, Boulder #13 [0:48]

Chironico bouldering, several problems, march 2013

Bouldering in Chironico March 2013. Several problems. Hopper, 6C+ Swinger club, 7A+ Fast Food, 6A Traide, 7A Schnittstelle, 7B/+ Schuppenschampoo, 6C ...

Pure bouldering - Brione and Chironico

Problems in order: 1. Fake Pamplemousse 8A 2. Molunk 7C 3. Vitriuvian man 7A 4. Souvenir 8A 5. Freak brothers 8A/+ 6. Selection door 7A 7. Komilator 7C 8.

Doctor Pinch (8a+? from guide book) in Chironico Swiss

Doctor Pinch in Chironico Swiss 8a+とトポにはありますが、やさしめのようです。

Bouldering in Chironico

Music: Motocykle - As The Ruch Comes (High Rankin Remix) Kaskade - Fire In Your New Shoes (Kalixs n Kron Remix) Skrillex Alvin Rick - Try It Out (Neon mix) ...

Globetrotter - Vicky in Chironico

Classic line in Chironico , sector Deliverance.