Cajun Navy

Inside the Cajun Navy: How Volunteers are Training to Rescue Hurricane Victims | Freethink

After Hurricane Katrina, volunteers with boats rescued thousands of flood victims. Those volunteers have evolved into the “Cajun Navy,” a cluster of groups ...

Cajun Navy Relief takes on Hurricane Florence

Cajun Navy Relief President Shawn Boudreaux on the organization's efforts to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

A Day in the Life of the Cajun Navy

Countless volunteers from around the country came to Houston this week to help rescue stranded and trapped citizens. The Cajun Navy is one of those groups ...

Lifeless Houston Woman Floats To Cajun Navy Boat What Happened Next Is Going Viral!

Lifeless Houston woman floats to Cajun Navy boat what happened next is going viral. Cajun Navy volunteer Joshua Lincoln speaks to CNN's John Berman on ...

Cajun Navy teams up with Flightaware for Harvey Rescues

A redneck, a preacher, and two Flightaware execs team up and join the Cajun Navy to help rescue civilians from the Houston Area after Hurricane Harvey ...

'Help These People and Help Save Lives': Cajun Navy Sends Hundreds of Volunteers to Carolinas

Thousands of North and South Carolina residents evacuated their homes ahead of Hurricane Florence. MORE: ...

Louisiana's Cajun Navy Arrives in South Carolina

The Louisiana Cajun Navy have arrived in South Carolina ahead of landfall of Hurricane Florence The Louisiana Cajun Navy are informal volunteer groups ...

CAJUN NAVY TRIBUTE! Louisiana Flood 2016

A compilation of images spreading awareness and thanks for all of the men and women who responded so quickly to this historical tragic event.

The Cajun Navy is in Texas to help rescue those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

Members of the Cajun Navy volunteer group have landed in Houston to assist residents affected by flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey Monday, according to ...

Cajun Navy brings boats to help Harvey victims

All-volunteer organization helps out during the disaster.

CAJUN NAVY to the rescue in New Bern, NC in big-time tidal/storm surge flooding

Video: Cajun Navy rescuing residents from rapidly rising tidal surge in New Bern, NC from Hurricane Florence, as prolonged strong easterly winds piled up the ...

Donald Trump hails the Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy, that loosely organized bunch of Louisiana boaters who rescue people from floods, got a shout-out from President Donald Trump during a White ...

Cajun Navy Power of One

Thank Ya'll so very much God Bless you All.

Cajun Navy comes from Louisiana to NC to help save lives

Volunteers with the Cajun Navy have arrived in North Carolina from Louisiana to help rescue efforts.

The Cajun Navy saved my mom. Thank you.

Regular people who save other regular people. True heroes in my book.

Rescued by The Cajun Navy: How citizens turned into saviors 10 years ago

Ten years ago, the most destructive natural disaster in U.S. history struck New Orleans and the eastern Gulf coast. Hurricane Katrina killed an estimated 1800 ...



Cajun Navy heads East to take on Hurricane Florence

The Cajun Navy is already in place to help those affected by Hurricane Florence.

Lawmaker wants ‘Cajun Navy’ to train, pay fee before saving others

The Good Samaritans who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands of people during the "Great Flood of 2016" say they're not happy after a state lawmaker ...

Louisiana Flooding "The Cajun Navy" seeing tractor trailer to high ground

Video credit:

Cajun Navy to the rescue

On behalf of pet owners and animal advocates around the world, THANK YOU Cajun Navy! Americas Everyday HEROES.

Cajun Navy Saving The Houston Flood Victims From The Rising Flood Waters!

The Cajun Navy in Action Saving People in Houston From the High Flood Waters Caused By Hurricane Harvey! These Guys Are Heroes!

Cajun Navy continues to rescue people, pets from Hurricane Florence flooding

Luckily the Cajun Navy is there to rescue any animals or people left stranded by the storm and more help is on the way.

News crew takes ride along with America’s Cajun Navy in Panama City, more than 22 rescued

The damage caused by Hurricane Michael around Panama City is disturbing.

Inspired by Cajun Navy, Texas Navy volunteers rescuing Houston flood victims

Cajun Navy founder Rob Gaudet on helping rescue Tropical Storm Harvey victims from the flooding.