Peqin, Albania

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Bibap Performance filmed by Aydahtron (part 1)

2011.07.01. Filmed in Seoul by Aydatron.

Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas

It's like the sweet version of Meow Wolf.

Bibap Performance (Part 2) filmed by Aydahtron


Fjäderholmarna Archipelago

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[WoW Music Video] Lollipop

This fan base music video was made by Aydahtron. Sources: The original music is by: BigBang & 2NE1 - Lollipop Blood Elves from: WoWModelViewer Misc.

[FINLAND] Helsinki

Clip by Aydahtron Music by Armin Van Buuren.

Çorovodë, Albania

This clip is concentrated on the center of Çorovodë. I apologize for the poor video quality. YouTube modified it to make my heart cry... Music is by SaiR "DeLight" ...

Aydahtron's DMZ Tour

Dated on 09 August 2011 http://adassi.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/dmz-tour-the-final-excursion/

Aydahtron Hamburg part 2

Hamburg filmed by Aydahtron.

Union Square in San Francisco (Aydahtron)

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery @ Seattle, Wa

This is Willy Wonka Starbucks version. A Tourist's Perspective.

Gabi in Belsh

Blog: http://adashqip.WordPress.com Ig: vodkamachtfrei This is the outdoor market in Belsh, opens every Saturday, from morning until noon. Household items ...

San Francisco-Chinatown (Aydahtron)

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OSAAB 16th Annual International Holiday Bazaar-Tirana, Albania

Organization for the Support of Albania's Abandoned Babies (OSAAB)is an U.S. and Albanian registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) created in ...


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Aydahtron in Portugal (Lisboa & Sintra)

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XCR & Aydahtron at Ginza

After our trip from Rappongi, we headed to Ginza to check it out. It's the least favorite on my list just because I'm not a huge fan of shopping. When we got there, ...

Belsh - Sami Frasheri gjimnaz's soccer match with class 12A vs 12D

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San Francisco-Chinatown 2 (Aydahtron)

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Sexy Vietnamese Music video

Aydahtron and Dorace making fun of typical vietnamese karaoke music video.

Train to Warsaw

Aydahtron went to Warsaw with 3 of her friends. They were on a 6 hour train ride, talking and listening to music. Aydahtron was there trying to learn some Polish ...