Analyzes The Lakers

Chris Broussard analyzes the Lakers and says Luke Walton is on the hot seat | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Chris Broussard breaks down the Lakers problems and says Luke Walton could be fired with a bad upcoming stretch. Broussard also has an opinion on LaVar ...

Lakers Hall of Famer Jerry West analyzes the Lakers

Lakers Hall of Famer Jerry West analyzes the Lakers.

James Worthy analyzes first 10 Lakers games

James Worthy and Robert Horry sit down with Allie Clifton to discuss the first ten games for the Lakers and what to expect from the Timberwolves this second ...

Kobe analyzes what LeBron James needs to do against Warriors in NBA Finals | ‘Detail’ Excerpt | ESPN

In an excerpt from Kobe Bryant's “Detail,” the Lakers icon analyzes what LeBron James needs to do against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Kobe Bryant analyzes film of Jayson Tatum vs. Cavaliers | 'Detail' Excerpt | ESPN

Here is an excerpt of Kobe Bryant's 'Detail', where he analyzes how Jayson Tatum should utilize off ball screens and exploit the Cleveland Cavaliers' defense by ...

Jason Terry is encouraged by the Lakers' performance with Tyson Chandler | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Jason Terry breaks down Tyson Chandler's first game with the Los Angeles Lakers. The big man gives LA needed depth and will help LeBron James lead a ...

Why Lakers fans chanting 'Kobe' with LeBron James playing is 'a great look' | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Jorge Sedano and Paul Pierce of The Jump discuss the chants of "Kobe" during the Los Angeles Lakers' game vs the Denver Nuggets at ...

Caron Butler talks the Lakers without LeBron, Warriors concerns, Kyrie and more | NBA | THE HERD

Caron Butler joins Doug Gottlieb to talk all things NBA including the Los Angeles Lakers players stepping up without LeBron James, the Golden State Warriors ...

Kobe Bryant Passes - Lakers Lose - Jalen Rose Analyzes

Kobe Bryant gets double-teamed and passes up the game winning shot in the Lakers' loss to the Spurs. Jalen Rose discusses on ESPN SportsCenter.

Lakers will have to hit the 'panic button' on trades before too long - Paul Pierce

Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Paul Pierce of The Jump play "Something, Nothing or Everything," discussing (0:05) chemistry issues facing the Golden ...

Trouble With The Thunder

After falling to the LeBron James-less Lakers, Sekou Smith analyzes what is plaguing the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lakers Biggest Threat - Jalen Rose Analyzes Jalen Rose and the ESPN NBA Fastbreak team look at the top teams in the West. Who will be the biggest competition for the Lakers?

Lakers' Kobe Bryant Studied Sharks Before Facing 76ers' Allen Iverson | SC with SVP | April 19, 2017

Scott Van Pelt dives into The Vault and breaks down Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant's rivalry that lead Kobe to study sharks in preparation of facing AI. Watch ...

John Salley: Carmelo will Join the Lakers, the Warriors are Imploding (Part 4)

Watch Part 3: Part 1: ---------------------- In this clip, John Salley talked about accurately predicting LeBron's move to the ...

Nick Wright: Kyle Kuzma’s development is critical to the Lakers success | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright reacts to Kyle Kuzma's first career-high 41-pts in win vs the Detroit Pistons. Hear why Nick thinks Kuzma is critical to the Los Angeles Lakers future.

Lakers vs Spurs Highlights Jan 25 - Jalen Rose Analyzes

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers' frontcourt is too much for Tim Duncan and the Spurs to handle. Jalen Rose and Mark Jones analyze on the ESPN Halftime Show.

Lakers vs Cavs Feb 8, 2009 - NBA Finals Preview??? Jalen Rose Analyzes Lamar Odom goes for 28 & 17 to lead the Lakers over the Cavs as Kobe Bryant battles flu symptoms. The Cavs are handed their first ...

Ömer Aşık vs Lakers Mid-Game Analysis

The Big Three analyzes Asik and Destroy during the game.

Lakers' Biggest Threat in The West - Jalen Rose Analyzes on ESPN Jalen Rose and the ESPN NBA Fastbreak team look at which team in The West has the best shot at beating The Lakers in the playoffs.

Lakers NBA Finals Preview - Jalen Rose Analyzes on ESPN Sportscenter 5/31/09 Jalen Rose analyzes the Los Angeles Lakers as they head into their NBA Finals matchup against the ...

UNDISPUTED 01/09/2019 | Would Lakers be one of the worst teams in NBA without LeBron James?

UNDISPUTED 01/09/2019 | Would Lakers be one of the worst teams in NBA without LeBron James?

Shaq's 2001 Lakers vs Steph's 2018 Warriors: Who would win? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate who would win a hypothetical game between the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers and the 2018 Golden State Warriors.

ESPN's Ric Bucher Analyzes Pau Gasol Trade

ESPN's Ric Bucher discusses Pau Gasol trade to Lakers with ESPN.

Analyzing the DeMarcus Cousins Deal, LeBron to the Lakers, and the Drama in Minnesota | The Ringer

The Ringer's Chris Ryan, Juliet Litman, and Kevin O'Connor sit down to discuss the Boogie Bomb from DeMarcus Cousins, what LeBron to the Lakers means for ...

Nick Wright analyzes Magic and Kobe's comments on LeBron's workload | NBA | THE HERD

Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd discuss Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant's concern about LeBron James' workload with the Los Angeles Lakers. #TheHerd ...



Bynum Returns for Lakers - Jalen Rose Analyzes Impact Andrew Bynum returned to the Lakers' lineup on Thursday night with a solid performance against The Nuggets. Jalen Rose and Jamal ...